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Pack Your Knives

Mar 18, 2019

Tom and Kevin review Season 16 and recap the surprising finale in Macau. Per PYK tradition, the finalists --- Chef Eric, Chef Kelsey and Chef Sara -- join the show to answer all our burning questions about the finale -- Eric's menu, what was in their luggage and the things they couldn't say on air. 

Mar 12, 2019

Kevin and Tom recap the Final Four episode of Macau and discuss the virtues of durian and the game theory of cooking with the stinky fruit. Chef Michelle Minori joins the show to explain why she's the quickfire champ, fava bean prep and of course, her admiration of a certain Golden State Warrior.

Mar 5, 2019

Kevin and Tom discuss Macau, this season's darkhorse and chef Eric's performance. For the second half of the show, cheftestant Kelsey joins the show and dishes all things Top Chef including the one rule she'd change, the Restaurant Wars fiasco and the secrets of the party boat challenge.