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Pack Your Knives

Dec 23, 2017

Top Chef contestant Tyler Anderson joins Kevin Arnovitz and Tom Haberstroh on the pod, taking us behind the scenes at Top Chef and breaking down the food truck episode with details you can't get anywhere else.

Dec 16, 2017

Kevin Arnovitz and Tom Haberstroh break down Episode 2 of Top Chef and re-visit their draft picks after a surprising elimination. (Promo Code: Healthy)

1:10- Intro

1:45- Quickfire Challenge

9:55- Team Challenges

10:35- The Farm

12:20- Menu Creation

14:25- Elimination Challenge

20:45- Kevin’s Tyler...

Dec 8, 2017

Kevin and Tom draft their fantasy teams and dive into the Season 15 premiere. Who went No. 1? And should you help a fellow Top Chef if it isn’t team play? Is this season too nice?

01:00- Rock, Paper, Scissors for 1st pick

02:00- Pick 1

09:00- Elimination Challenge Winners statistics

10:15- Confidence impact on...

Dec 5, 2017

NBA writers Kevin Arnovitz and Tom Haberstroh profess their love for Top Chef, name their favorite seasons and preview Season 15's contestants with analytics and scouting.


0:00- Intro/How this podcast got it's start

1:30- Top Chef fantasy quick rundown

2:30- QuickFire appreciation

5:10- Favorite Seasons

20:00- All...